2014 Assessment Manual

Section 1 - Letter of Transmittal (PDF)

  • Intended Use of this Appraisal Report
  • Intended Client of this Report
  • Other Users of this Report
  • Date of Value of this Report
  • Type and Definition of Value
  • Identification of the Property Rights Assessed
  • Extent of Property Inspections
  • Certification of Value
  • MS1 2014 Report

Section 2 - Scope of Work (PDF)

  • Identification of Assumptions and Limiting Conditions
  • Scope of Work as Identified in In-House Work Plan
  • Brief Description of Assessed Properties
  • Determination of Highest and Best Use
  • Approaches to Value Considered and/or Utilized

Section 3 - Development of Values (PDF)

  • Description of Basic Valuation Theory and Mass Appraisal
  • Period of Time Associated with Sales/Data Collection
  • Data Collection and Sales Verification Procedures
  • Number of Sales Utilized in Study
  • Description of Data Calibration Methods
  • Significance of Adjustments and Factors

Section 4 - Time Trending (PDF)

  • Explanation and Derivation of Time Trending Factors
  • Ratio Summary by Sale Date
  • Non-Residential Properties
  • Non-Residential Properties Sales for 2012, 2013 & 2014
  • 2013 NH Department of Revenue Equalization Summaries

Section 5 - Land and Neighborhood Data (PDF)

  • Residential Explanation and Results of Base land Rates and Neighborhood Classification
  • Commercial/Industrial Land Analysis and Parameters
  • Commercial Categories of Land and Land Pricing, Acreage Discounts
  • Land Curve Parameters (Area/Size Adjustment Factors)
  • Apartment Land Pricing
  • Manufactured Housing Land Pricing
  • Commercial/Industrial Condominiums
  • Commercial and Industrial Land Analysis
  • List of Qualified Commercial /Industrial Land Sales
  • List of Unqualified Commercial/Industrial Land Sales
  • Residential Land Analysis
  • Residential Categories of Land and Land Pricing
  • Residential Land Pricing
  • Residential Condominium Land Pricing
  • Manufactured Housing Land Pricing
  • List of Qualified Residential Land Sales
  • List of Unqualified Residential Land Sales
  • Residential Neighborhood Multiplier
  • Summary by Land Neighborhood
  • Residential Site Indexes
  • Summary by Site Index
  • 2014 Residential Street Site Index
  • Summary by Land Use
  • Zoning Districts and Allowable uses Article 28-2
  • Development Design Standards Article 28-4

Section 6 - Improved Property Data (PDF)

  • Types of Depreciation Considered and/or Utilized
  • Depreciation Schedules - Single Family, Residential Condo, Manufactured Housing and Non-Residential
  • Summary by Actual Year Built
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Cost/Market Valuation
  • Building Costs
  • Base Rates
  • Summary by Style

Section 6 - Part 2 (PDF)

  • Building Cost Tables, Allowable Construction Entries
  • Outbuilding Codes
  • Extra Feature Codes
  • Grade Quality Factors/Considerations
  • Grade Coefficients - Single Family, Residential Condos, Manufactured Housing and Non-Residential
  • Summary by Residential Grade
  • Size Adjustment Factor
  • Summary by Building Size
  • Sub Area Codes
  • Residential Building Cost Trend Factor

Section 6 - Improved Property Data and Income Approach - Part 3 (PDF)

  • Summary by Assessing Neighborhood (Buildings)
  • Residential Condominiums
  • Residential Manufactured Homes
  • Condominium Neighborhood Codes
  • Condominium Unit Type Codes
  • Condominium Unit Location Codes
  • Manufactured Housing Neighborhood Codes
  • Summary by Manufactured Homes Neighborhoods
  • List of Qualified Improved Residential Sales
  • List of Unqualified Improved Residential Sales
  • List of Qualified Improved Commercial/Industrial Sales
  • List of Unqualified Improved Commercial/Industrial Sales
  • Income, Expense, Vacancy and Capitalization
  • Data Calibration
  • Market Rent Schedule
  • Income adjustments for year 2012
  • Non-Residential Building Costs

See the 2012 Property Assessment Manual for the content below (PDF)

  • Capitalization Rate Development 2012
  • Apartment Capitalization Rate Development
  • Commercial/industrial Capitalization Rate Development
  • Capitalization Rates/Adjustments
  • Cost/Income Correlation Report
  • Income/Cost Comparison Report
  • Economic Income Spreadsheet
  • Income Land Residual Report

Section 7 - Statistical Analysis, Testing and Quality (PDF)

  • Summary by Sale Price Quartile
  • Ratio Study Using New Assessed Values
  • Ratio Study Using Old Assessed Values
  • COD Study Using New Assessed Values
  • COD Study Using Old Assessed Value

Section 7 - Continued (PDF)

  • PRD Study Using New Assessed Values
  • PRD Study Using Old Assessed Values
  • Strata Using New Assessed Values
  • Strata Using Old Assessed Values

Section 8 - Appendices (PDF)

  • Appendix "A" Copy of In-House Work Plan Specific to the Report
  • Appendix "B" Individuals Responsible/Assisting in Completion of Report
  • Appendix "C" Qualifications
  • Appendix "D" Unqualified and Qualified Sale Codes
  • Appendix "E" Definitions
  • Appendix "F" City Wide Neighborhood Map
  • Appendix "G" Commercial/Industrial Site Index Map
  • Appendix "H" Pole Valuation