Street Maintenance

Water System Maintenance

Our Highways and Utilities Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of City streets, sidewalks, the drainage collection system, sewer collection system, and water distribution system. In the fall, crews are collect leaves at the curb for Fall Leaf Collection. In the winter, crews plow and treat the City streets. In the warmer months, crews focus on maintaining roads by posting spring load limits in the spring, road paving, line painting, and repairing potholes and other road damages.

Report A Concern

Use our request tracker to report a concern or submit a request on any of the categories below:

  • Damaged Mailbox
  • Dead Animal in the Road
  • Drainage Issue
  • Fall Leaf Collection
  • Paving Request
  • Potholes
  • Road Requests
  • Sign Requests
  • Sewer Complaints
  • Tree Requests
  • Winter Operations
  • Water Complaints