Sustainable Street Tree Program

The Arbor Day Foundation has named Concord, New Hampshire a Tree City USA community in honor of the City of Concord’s dedication to forestry management. Concord General Services' Sustainable Street Tree Program is one of many ways the City of Concord continues to invest in the community's urban forestry. The Sustainable Street Tree Program is an initiative to benefit the community with better air quality, provide shade, increase biodiversity, reduce storm water runoff, and offer a beautiful aesthetic to our city. The City of Concord currently plants approximately 25-30 trees a year within approved locations as part of this program.

Tree Planted

*Planting season is full for 2023. New requests will be considered for 2024.*

How To Apply

Request to plant a tree by visiting or calling our office, or submitting a request online via SeeClickFix or by using the MyConcordNH mobile app.

Request a Tree

Residents can request to get a tree from us at any time, but planting occurs during the spring. Our tree crew will contact the property owner to schedule a visit for planting arrangements and to approve of the planting location. After the planting location has been approved, the tree(s) will be tagged for purchase and an application is created to finalize all information with the property owner. Applicants are responsible for the cost of the tree(s). The property owner must complete the application in person for notarization and produce full payment for the tree(s) selected. When the City of Concord approves of an application, it is placed in priority of the order it was received. The applicant will be contacted to schedule planting. 

Read the full program description (PDF) for more details.


Property owners are responsible for cost of the tree(s) and the maintenance after planting. A tree can cost approximately $350 and up depending on the species selected. There is no charge for our tree crew to deliver and plant the tree(s). All maintenance, other than the first year's pruning, is the responsibility of the property owner. View the full program description (PDF) for tree care instructions.

Tree Committee Grant Program

The City of Concord's Conservation Commission Tree Subcommittee is sponsoring a new Tree Committee Grant Program to increase participation in the Sustainable Street Tree Program by helping with associated costs. Residents applying to the Sustainable Street Tree Program will have the option to request financial assistance and participate in the grant that will cover 50% of the cost of the tree(s). There is a limit to two trees per property per year, subject to availability. The grant is only applicable for residential properties, which includes multi-family and apartment complexes, and not commercial or institutional properties. The grant cannot be used to meet Site Plan or Subdivision requirements. The tree planting location shall abut or be within the right-of-way. If applicant meets the above criteria and criteria of the Sustainable Street Tree Program, the grant shall be approved. 

Program Rules

Trees must be planted within 10' from the back of the City right-of-way or sidewalk. Unless otherwise approved, planting is typically not allowed between the curb and sidewalk. Trees can only be planted in the front yard and only two trees per property are allowed per year. Find more program rules within our program description (PDF).

Tree Selection

The property owner can select the desired tree(s) from our list of available species. The species must be approved by our tree crew, considering planting location, availability, and other factors such as wires and growing space. Trees are of nursery quality and specific species may only be available at certain times of the year. Ask about our current species selection, but the following list is generally what is available: 

Available Species:

American elmGingkoRed maple (varieties)
Amur maackiaGoldenrainSargent cherry
Amur mapleHoney locustSourwood
Canada red cherryJapanese lilacWhite spruce
ChestnutLondon planeZelkova
Crab apples (varieties)Norway spruce
Dawn redwoodPear (varieties)

*This list may vary. Ask us about our current selection.