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Spring Operations

Concord General Services Spring Operations Road Repair

Once the winter weather ends, Concord General Services’ Highway and Utilities Division begins spring operations for the City of Concord. Fluctuating temperatures from winter to spring can cause roads to shift. Roads easily shift during the spring thaw, which occurs when any frozen ice underneath the asphalt begins to melt. The spring thaw can cause potholes, sink holes, cracks, and road damage. Crews work in the spring to prevent and repair any road damages created during the spring thaw.

Use our request tracker to report any of the following concerns:
  •  Potholes
  •  Sink Hole
  •  Road Damage
  •  Blocked Catch Basin / Culvert
  •  Road Mark Fading
  •  Paving Concern
  •  Barricade Request
  •  Other

Load Limit Postings

Concord Spring Road Load Limit Postings

The City of Concord will begin posting "No Trucking - Load Limit 9 Tons" signs on March 6, 2017 to prepare for the spring thaw. The spring thaw refers to when the temperatures fluctuate and the roads begin to melt any ice frozen underneath the asphalt, typically in areas indicating frost heaves and recent potholes. Road damage naturally occurs this time of year from the frequent thawing and freezing cycles, but heavy weight on weakened roads can cause additional harm. The amount of road damage is directly linked to how often the road is used and the weight of each load, especially if the road does not have a solid foundation. The City of Concord is posting load limits set to 9 tons to protect City streets from any potential damage of heavy vehicles. 

2017 Posted Streets
View the list or map of where weight limit signs will be posted for the 2017 spring season, starting March 6, 2017. The duration of load limit postings is dependent upon weather and road conditions, but will likely remain in place until the end of March or early April. Restrictions will continue as long as conditions require. Load limits won’t be removed until all snow has melted and ditches are clear of any standing water.

The City of Concord does not provide permits for spring load limit postings, but drivers can call Concord General Services at (603) 228-2737 to request for travel permissions of 1-2 loads before noon if necessary.

Road Damage and Potholes

Concord Potholes Cracked Road

Frost heaves occur in the winter when water underneath the road cannot drain through frozen soil. The water freezes and expands upward, thus heaving the road. When the pavement starts to warm up in the spring, the ground thaws and the road contracts back down and creates cracks in the pavement. Cracks weaken the road structure and eventually potholes are formed. Potholes are created from the ground shifting of the freezing and thawing cycles. Highway and Utilities crews repair potholes by cleaning out the debris in the hole and then filling the hole with Cold Patch. The material is then compacted with a tamper or roller. 

Hydrant Flushing

Concord General Services Hydrant Flushing Spring Operations

Each spring, Concord General Services' Highway and Utilities Division flushes City-owned hydrants to remove any sediment from water distribution pipes to maintain water quality and clarity. This operation also checks for water pressure. Water customers may experience low pressure and discolored water in their area during hydrant flushing. Residents should avoid doing laundry when hydrant flushing is occurring in their area. If discoloration occurs, please run your tap water on cold until the water runs clear. 

2017 Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant flushing has not yet started for the 2017 spring season. Check back later for more information and flushing dates.

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News Flash
Road Load Limits
Crews will begin posting spring road load limits on designated roads on Monday, March 6, 2017. Posted roads will have a weight restriction of 9 tons to minimize road damage during the spring thaw. Load limits will continue as required... Read on...
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