Licensing Services

The Licensing Services Division licenses special events such as races, farmers markets, fairs and holiday parades as well as respond to community concerns.

Temporary Food-Peddler License **NEW FOOD SERVICE ESTABLISHMENTS:  Please note that if you are opening a new food service establishment, you must begin with a plan review.** Click here for the application, which is found on the new Citizen Self Service (CSS) Permit Portal.

Licensing Applications:

All of the following Licensing Applications should now be completed through the new Citizen Self Service (CSS) Permit Portal.

Annual Entertainment:  For live entertainment, theatres, or "places of amusement"; City Ordinance 15-3-1 through 15-3-12.
Charitable Solicitation / Raffles:  For solicitation of “any request for anything of value on the plea of representation that it will be used for any patriotic, philanthropic, social service, welfare, educational, civic, religious or fraternal purpose.” Charitable solicitations include but are not limited to the sales of popcorn or cookies by non-profit youth groups for fundraising, sales of roses or flowers for non-profit organization fundraising, and other requests for aid to the purposes of supporting the actions of a non-profit organization, with no expectation of a prize or reward for such donation. City Ordinance 13-7-1 through 13-7-6.
Demonstration and Events:  If planning an event where A) street closures are requested, B) physical encumbrances including but not limited to tables, chairs, podiums or art displays are placed in the public right of way, C) the event planned is a parade or D) it is determined that due to the size of the event, a street closure is required for the safety of participants, apply for a “Special Event” permit. 
Door to Door Sales / Magazine Sales / Canvassing:  If you are conducting business going door-to-door and demonstrating, advertising person-to-person or selling a product or service, a door-to-door permit is required. City Ordinance 15-14-1 through 15-14-5.
Facility Rental Agreement:  If you are requesting the use of Bicentennial Square or Eagle Square for an event, meeting, press conference or other use, the Square may be rented at a cost of $22/hour. Apply for the “Facility Rental” permit.
Junkyard/Salvage Yard/Recycling Center:  If you are operating a business dealing with "junk or materials to be salvaged or recycled, as defined by RSA 125 and RSA 322," a junkyard license is required.  City Ordinance 15-9-1
Pawnbrokers, Second Hand Dealers, Cash for Gold License:  If you are operating a business involving the lending of money secured by taking possession of personal property, with the right to sell if the property is not redeemed; if retail purchased, sales, buy-back, exchanging or dealing with second-hand articles including but not limited to jewelry, precious metals or gems, cameras, musical instruments, video games and/or systems, computer games and/or equipment; a license for a pawnbroker is required.  City Ordinance 15-2-2
Peddlers / Vendors License:  If you are selling a physical product on City Property including but not limited to jewelry, food, toys, clothing, toys or other tangible good, a peddler’s license is required.  City Ordinance 15-8-1 through 15-8-9
Tattoo Artist:  If you are a tattoo artist/operator within the City of Concord, a tattoo artist license is required. City Ordinance 13-8-4
Tattoo Establishment:  If you are operating a tattoo parlor/establishment within the City of Concord, where tattooing takes place, a tattoo establishment is required. City Ordinance 13-8-4.
Taxi Cab License:  A taxi cab is defined as “any rubber-tired vehicle, have a manufacturer’s rated capacity of not more than seven (7) passengers, used in the call-and-demand transportation for compensation to or from points chosen or designated by the passengers,” and is required to have a license. City Ordinance 15-5-3
Taxi Cab Operator's License:  A taxi cab operator is defined as “the person driving or having control or possession of said motor vehicle while the same is being used in the taxi business.” This individual is required to hold a valid Taxi Operator permit. City Ordinance 15-5-3
Yard Sale:  The holding of a public sale of person property by the resident of a dwelling from the dwelling unit or its accessory building or yard in any district” requires a permit. City Ordinance 28-9-2(d)(1)

**New** Food Truck Applications
   Temporary Food/Peddler License
   Food Truck & City Peddler License
   Plan Review Application for New Food Truck Vendor

City Ordinance 15-9-1

Banner Program

The City permits the posting of aerial banners across Main and Loudon Road as well as posting banners on selected Main Street Lamp posts for the purpose of promoting and notifying citizens of community-based cultural, education and civic events, including City sponsored and co-sponsored events or providing information concerning available services or programs sponsored by the City.  The links below will provide you with information and applications for both our Cross-Street Banner program as well as our Lamp-Post Banner Program.

Specifications for Cross Street Banner ProgramSpecifications for Lamp Post Banner Program

Sidewalk Regulations

In an effort to ensure that the street remains uncluttered, clean, accessible and vibrant for all, the Concord Planning Board and City Council collaborated to implement a set of sidewalk regulations.  These regulations were adopted under Ordinance No. 3017 on August 13, 2018 have been in effect since January 1, 2019

You may learn more by accessing the regulations and the application below:

Business Use of Public Property Encumbrance Regulations

Sidewalk Zones Diagram