Monkey Around Playground

Monkey Around Playground at White Park

The playground at White Park was built in 1994 and it’s time to update or replace the playground.

Monkey Around was a community built playground made possible by private donations and man power. Hundreds of people worked on the project. The playground was designed by Leathers; a national playground company that specializes in community built playgrounds. At the time of installation the playground was expected to last 20 years with proper maintenance – we are now in year 24!!

Over the years the Friends of White Park have assisted the Parks and Recreation Department with buying the stain to treat the pressure treated wood and assisted with applying the stain. The department takes care of the regular maintenance needs of the playground (repairing decks, swings, equipment and playground surfacing).

In May, 2015 the Parks and Recreation Department hired Leathers to come back to Concord to conduct an assessment of the playground. The department also asked for a cost estimate to update the current structure. The cost at that time was $145,000 (approx. $200,000 now). Read their full report (PDF) here.

During the FY18 budget process City Council approved a project to update the Monkey Around Playground. The budget was $200,000 with $100,000 coming from private donations.

The Friends of White Park have agreed to work with the department to help advertise the community meetings/conversations scheduled for spring and summer of 2018. They have also agreed to raise the matching funds needed for the new playground. Our plan is to have an approved playground concept ready for City Councils review in the fall of 2018. This will allow fundraising to take place during the winter of 2018/19 with construction projected for summer 2019.

1994 vs. 2018 Playgrounds – new options and choices!!!

There are many new and exciting amenities for playgrounds that were not around in 1994. As we review all the new playground options, including the possibility of adding rubber surfacing, the projected cost of the project will need to be reviewed.

Please stay tuned for community meetings to begin late spring 2018. For more information please email Chris Jacques the Parks and Recreation Grounds Superintendent.

Recommended Timeline for Updating the Monkey Around Playground 

June, 2019

25th Anniversary Party of the current Monkey Around Playground.

July – September, 2019

Community Meetings - combination of evenings, day time and involvement by youth.
Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee Review.

October to December 2019

Confirm cost estimates for the playground.
Additional public meeting to review concept and cost estimates.
Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee Approval.
Planning Board Approval
City Council review and approval of recommended playground concept.

January 2020

     Fundraising begins

August 2020

Updated or new playground is built.