Enhanced XC Skiing at BMGC

Fall 2022 - We Did It!

With your help we raised the matching funds needed to buy the new groomer to improve cross country ski conditions at the course. THANK YOU!

Nordic skiing (or cross-country skiing) is a lifelong activity accessible to all who choose to participate. It is enjoyed from the recreational to highly competitive levels and affords participants the opportunity to engage in winter activity in a safe, comfortable manner. All that is needed is good snow and an interesting track.

In Concord, good snow conditions are available for skiing but we also get snow that is difficult to ski on or changes into difficult snow conditions. When this happens, interest wanes, skiers become frustrated, and safety is compromised. Snowmobile grooming can help but is minimally effective when snow becomes icy or needs to be moved around to cover thin-snow areas.  

Modern groomers with tracks, a front blade, and a rear power tiller, can create great snow conditions nearly all of the time. Recently, smaller, more affordable versions of the ones used at down-hill ski areas, are being produced. Less often, available snow is the limiting factor and the only option is to make snow, and push it around the track to where it is needed. Lighting, along tree lines, extends safe skiing opportunities into early evening hours. 

A three-phase plan to improve skiing at Beaver Meadow has been proposed. The plan will mesh with existing plans for improvements at the venue. This will improve access to skiing and bring many more skiers to the venue during wither months. The location, clubhouse, food vendors, and parking all contribute this plan and makes this city-owned area available to many more citizens of Concord. The three phases are listed below: 
1. Purchase of tracked grooming machine, to be owned and operated by City of Concord - this phase is complete!
2. Installation of snow making equipment on 1-kilometer loop. 
3. Addition of lighting along a 1-kilometer loop, away from neighborhoods.

For additional information on upcoming races and fundraising efforts, please visit www.skithebeav.org.

 side view snow rabbit 2