Sanitary Sewer Collection

The sanitary sewer collection system is comprised of 168 miles of pipe in various sizes with approximately 4,000 sewer manholes and 9,400 service connections. Wastewater in the sanitary sewer system flows to either the Concord Wastewater Treatment Plant or the Penacook Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Highway and Utilities Division of Concord General Services has a sewer crew that maintains the sanitary sewer collection system within the City of Concord.

Sewer Cover


Our sewer crew maintains the sewer lateral pipe within the City Right-of-Way, which is typically from the middle of the street to the back of the sidewalk, or 8’ to 10’ from the edge of the pavement if there is no sidewalk. The property owner is responsible for maintenance of the sewer service after this point up to the building or house.

The sewer lateral is the pipe that transports wastewater from a private property (building/house) to the sewer main in the street. The pipe can be made of clay, bermaco, asbestos cement, cast iron, or plastic and can be 4-6" in diameter. Roots, grease, sagging, fatigue, foreign objects, freezing, and damage are all issues that can cause a problem with a sewer lateral.


Highway and Utilities' sewer crew does periodic inspection of the sewer collection system. They jet rod/vacuum to help keep the system clean, video the system for further inspection, repair damages, reset manhole frames, and silence noisy covers on the sewer mains. Sewer lateral work includes repairs, video inspection, discontinued service, and dye tests. Other miscellaneous work includes investigating sink holes and foul odors. Odor complaint investigation can determine problems such as a leaking sewer pipe, an old dried up sink or toilet trap from lack of use, mildew, or a dead animal.

Do not pour illegal substances down a catch basin or drains. Call New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES), 603-271-3503,if you witness illegal substances (motor oil, paint, gasoline, etc.) being dumped or spilling down a catch basin.


A homeowner or contractor can hire the sewer crew to install the sewer lateral in the Right-of-Way for a new house or existing house, but a contractor will have to install the pipe from the Right-of-Way into the house or building. During new construction, the sewer crew serves as a contractor to the person requesting the construction services. These contracted services do require a charge. A full deposit of the estimate is required before initiating new construction. The customer will pay or be refunded the balance after work completion.