Industrial Pretreatment

The City of Concord has an Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) with the following objectives:

  • Monitor, control, and minimize the pollutant loads from industrial users to the City`s two wastewater treatment facilities through the use of industrial inspections, wastewater sampling/testing, and the issuing of industrial discharge permits.
  • Monitor and minimize the levels of pollutants so that the settled solids can be processed into biosolids to be used for beneficial reuse (land application).
  • Prevent operational issues at our treatment facilities to avoid high pollutant levels and protect the microbial life that aids in the treatment of the raw incoming sewage.
  • Prevent pollutants from passing through the treatment facilities. The passing of pollutants through the facility could cause the City to violate the discharge permit issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Minimize discharges from the industrial users that would create unsafe working conditions in the City`s sewage collection system.

Industrial discharge permits (PDF) are issued to industrial users that are connected to the sewer collection system and leachate. All sewer users in the City of Concord and the permitted users in the local communities of Bow and Boscawen must comply with all sections of the Sewer Use Ordinance. The City of Concord’s Sewer Use Ordinance lists prohibited discharges and local limits. Our Pretreatment Program has effectively protected workers, minimized pollutants from entering the wastewater treatment facilities, and helped to maintain biosolids for beneficial reuse under compliance of federal and state regulations.