Permits & Fees

Impact Fees - The City of Concord does not assess impact fees for non-residential construction.  More information on impact fees can be found at Chapter 29.2 of the Code of Ordinances. 

About Remaining Permits & Fees

Below are various permits, separated by the specific subject. For access to the applications and any fee information, please view the respective page within our website.

Ordinance & Non-Ordinance Based Fees, Fines & Penalties (eff. 9/1/2022)

Ordinance & Non-Ordinance Based Fees, Fines & Penalties (eff. 7/1/2023)

Please click HERE to go to the new online Permit Portal.

This portal includes online permit applications for Code Administration permits (Building, Zoning, Miscellaneous Permits, and Health & Licensing Permits/Licenses); Engineering; Fire Department Inspections; and Planning.

The portal's convenient features include online applications for residents and contractors, including a savable template feature for ease of use; easy viewing of inspections and an online calendar; and online invoice payments.


- Building Permits- Fire Prevention Permits
- Change of Occupancy Permits- Mechanical Permits
- Demolition Permits- Plumbing Permits
- Electrical Permits- Housing Complaint Form

View the construction permits and fees page.


- Driveway Permits
- Street Excavation Permit
- Encumbrance Permits
- Utility Connection Permits
- Monitoring Well Permits
- Utility and Site Inspection

View the Citizen Self Service (Permits) page.

Fire Prevention

- Blasting / Explosives
- Place of Assembly
- Commercial Cooking Hood / Vent Systems
- Residential Board & Care
- Commercial Suppression Systems
- Residential Placement
- Day Care
- Rooming & Lodging
- Fire Alarm Systems & Modifications
- Solid Fuel Burning Appliances (wood stove, pellet stove)
- Fireworks Displays
- Sprinkler Systems & Modifications
- Flammable / Combustible Liquids
- Storage & Use of Hazardous Materials
- Foster Care
- Tents & Air Supported Structures
- Life Safety Inspections
- Underground Storage Tanks (installation & removal)
- LP Gas Tanks
- Welding Operations - Commercial / Job Site
- Oil Burner Installation
- Wrecking yards, Junk Yards & Waste Handling Plants
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Health & Licensing Services

- Amusement Center
- Marches / Demonstrations / Picketing
- Amusement Devices
- Parades
- Annual Entertainment
- Pawnbroker / Second Hand Dealer / Cash for Gold Licenses
- Charitable Solicitation
- Peddler / Vendor Licenses
- Christmas Tree Sales
- Raffles
- Dance Licenses
- Rooming House License
- Door to Door Sales / Magazine / Canvassing
- Tattoo Artists & Parlors
- Entertainment / Event Licenses
- Taxi Cab & Operator's Licenses
- Food Service
- Temporary Food Licenses
- Rooming Houses
- Walk-A-Thons / Bike-A-Thons / Road Races

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Heritage Commission

- Certificate of Approval
- Heritage Sign Program

View the Heritage Commission web page.


- Planning Board Abutters List
- Site Plan Approval Application
- Architectural Design Review
- Subdivision Approval Application
- Environmental Impact Form
- Voluntary Merger Application
- Conditional Use Permits (buffers, height limit, parking/driveway  
  separation, signs, special land uses, telecommunication

View the planning documents and fees page. 


- Administrator's Decision
- Equitable Waiver
- Special Exception
- Sign Applications
- Variance
- Temporary Sign Applications

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