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Concord Community Power 

The Energy & Environment Advisory Committee has made a recommendation to City Council to join a Community Power program. City Council will hold a public hearing on March 11, 2024.  Click here for frequently asked questions and to learn more about this program. 

Pending final City Council approval, an Electric Aggregation Plan (EAP) will be submitted to the Public Utilities Commission for approval, and at a later date, presented to City Council for final adoption.  You can review a DRAFT EAP by clicking here. Please submit any comments or question to Beth Fenstermacher,, by Thursday, March 22, 2024.

You can review the Fall 2023 public information session presentation by clicking here, or watch the November 14 session below. An additional Public Information Session was held on February 15, 2024. That video is also included below.

Public Information Session - November 14, 2023

Public Information Session - February 15, 2024

Concord Community Power FAQs

What is Community Power?

Community choice aggregation (CCA), also known as “municipal aggregation” or “community power” is a program that allows local governments to procure power on behalf of their residents from an alternative supplier while still receiving transmission and distribution services from their existing utility provider. CCAs are an attractive option for communities that want more local control over their electricity sources, more green power than is offered by the default utility and/or lower electricity prices.

“Community Power” is enabled by New Hampshire statute, RSA 53-E. A Community Power program provides the actual energy known as generation or energy supply, and replaces the energy supply charge from your utility company (Unitil or Eversource). The utility will continue to charge you for their transmission and delivery service.

Why do Community Power?

Community Power programs are a means of taking control of electricity purchases to both save money and increase amount of renewable energy.  Community power would help Concord meet its 100% Renewable Energy Goal.

If adopted, how would Community Power work in Concord?

Before the program begins, you will receive notification from the City. If you currently receive energy from the utility (Unitil or Eversource), this notification will give you the chance to opt out of community power. If you make no election, you will automatically be in the program. If you currently receive energy from a competitive electric supplier, notification will give you the chance to opt in. If you do not opt in, you will remain on competitive supply. Any customers in the Community Power program may choose from product choices for % renewable energy.

How is Community Power funded? Are taxpayer funds used?

Community power programs are self-funded and provide electricity supply and customer services without using any tax dollars.

What would Community Power mean for you, the Customer?

You will continue to receive one bill from Unitil or Eversource. Only the price under “Supplier” section of your bill will change. We don’t expect to launch the program without offering a lower default energy service rate than the utilities at the start. We believe there is likely to be a continuing energy price savings over time, and less volatile rates in general, but there is no guarantee that the community power program will offer a lower price at all times.

Can I change my mind?

You may leave the community power program, join or rejoin the program, or switch to a different program option, at any time, and without penalty.

What are the next steps?

The Energy and Environment Advisory Committee expects to vote in January on whether to recommend that City Council create a Community Power program and adopt an Electric Aggregation Plan.  The recommendation will go before City Council with a Public Hearing likely in March.   If the City Council votes to create the program and adopt the Plan, the program could launch as early as Summer 2024. We recommend that you reach out to your Ward Councilor or Councilors at Large to voice your support, or any concerns.

Energy Efficiency - Button Up workshop

Improving building energy efficiency is a crucial step towards accomplishing our city's renewable energy and emissions reduction goals, including our 100% Renewable Energy Goal and the Climate Mayors Agreement.  Weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades are subsidized and provide direct benefits to the building owners and renters by reducing annual energy spending by an average of at least 20%.  These upgrades also improve building comfort, safety and health. NHSaves presented a "Button Up workshop" with tips to improve Energy Efficiency of your Home. You can review the presentation by clicking here, or watch the video of the event below.

Additional Information

View Energy and Environment Advisory Committee documents with additional information.