National Public Works Week


May 16-22, 2021 is National Public Works Week. This year, the theme, “Stronger Together,” celebrates the role public works plays in creating a great place to live. By working together, the impact citizens and public works professionals can have on their communities is magnified and creates strength for the ability to accomplish goals.

Public works maintains a community’s strength by working together to provide an infrastructure of services in transportation, water, wastewater, stormwater, public buildings and spaces, solid waste, fleet maintenance, and emergency management and first response. Public works provides togetherness needed for collaboration with all stakeholders in capital projects, infrastructure solutions, and quality of life services.

Concord General Services performs these public works services year-round for the City of Concord. The services provided and enjoyed by the community together make Concord the healthy and beautiful city that it is. Together, the community and public works professionals work to create and consistently maintain the quality of life Concord now enjoys. 

Recognize the importance of public works by celebrating National Public Works Week with Concord General Services. Due to COVID-19, the annual Concord Public Works Celebration at Memorial Field has been canceled again this year and has been modified into a virtual event. Attend the 2021 Virtual Concord Public Works Celebration below! The free event includes videos, activities, resources, and a pay-as-you-throw trash bag raffle! The event is open to everyone – teachers, parents, students, and all community members. 

2021 Virtual Concord Public Works Celebration

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