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1. When did the face coverings ordinance go into effect?
2. When will the face coverings ordinance expire?
3. Why is this ordinance necessary?
4. Where does the ordinance require face coverings to be worn?
5. Are employees of “retail establishments” required to wear face coverings?
6. Am I required to wear a face covering in businesses other than “retail establishments?”
7. How will this ordinance be enforced?
8. What defines a mask/face covering?
9. Do I need to wear a mask if I am outside?
10. Do children have to wear masks?
11. Who is exempt from wearing a mask?
12. Do I need to wear a mask when utilizing public transportation?
13. Do I need to wear a face covering or mask in a restaurant or bar?
14. How do I properly wear a mask or face covering?
15. How do masks prevent the spread of COVID-19?
16. If I wear a mask, do I still have to social distance?
17. I am a store owner in Concord. How do I notify customers of this ordinance?
18. What if someone refuses to wear a mask at my business and refuses to leave after being denied service?