Concord Trash Disposal Information

Dumpster Container Trash Disposal

Residents living in multi-unit facilities with eight or more units have trash and recycling dumpster containers. Dumpsters are placed near the residential complexes for residents to easily dispose of household trash and recycling. Containers are emptied by the contractor once each week on a scheduled collection day. Any trash bag is acceptable for dumpster disposal. Pay-as-you-throw trash bags are not required for dumpster containers, but are required if placing curbside for collection as detailed below.

Curbside Trash Collection 

Residential properties with seven units or less in Concord and Penacook, New Hampshire have curbside trash and recycling collection. Trash is picked up once each week by the contractor on a scheduled collection day. Collection runs from Monday through Friday, and through Saturday during trash holiday weeks. Trash must be placed in a pay-as-you-throw trash bag and be placed at the curb by 7:00am on the day of collection.

Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Trash Program

Residents with curbside trash collection are required to dispose of their trash in purple pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) trash bags in coordination with the City of Concord’s Pay-As-You-Throw Program. The PAYT program encourages residents to produce less trash and to decrease the environmental impact of solid waste by following a unit-based pricing system for trash. The use of the purple pay-as-you-throw trash bags offsets individual costs for solid waste services. PAYT allows residents to be in direct control of how much they pay for their solid waste services based on how much they choose to throw away, rather than having to pay a flat fee for the entire community’s trash disposal. Control the costs of your trash disposal by recycling more and taking up less space in your PAYT bag. Recycle and save! Purple pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) trash bags must be used if you have curbside collection. Only acceptable materials will be collected. Please remember to only dispose of leaves and grass clippings through the City’s spring and fall leaf collection programs. Do not place leaves or yard waste in trash bags or with your recycling.

Residents have strong incentive to decrease their waste with this program by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Unit-based pricing systems, such as PAYT, have been proven to reduce trash volumes. Trash tonnage has reduced by 40% in Concord since the PAYT Program began in July 2009. Learn more about the benefits of unit-based pricing for solid waste in New Hampshire Municipal Association’s article, Cutting Trash In Half.

Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Trash Bags

Two sizes are available for PAYT trash bags: 30-gallon bags that hold up to 20 pounds and 15-gallon bags that hold up to 10 pounds. The cost of bags is $3.20 per 30-gallon bag and $1.60 per 15-gallon bag. Bags are sold in bundles of five bags. PAYT trash bags do not need to be used for disposal in dumpster containers; PAYT trash bags are only required for residents placing trash at the curb.

PAYT trash bags can be purchased at the following retailer locations:

7-Eleven (Thirty Pines)9 Village Street (Penacook)
Aubuchon Hardware80 South Main Street
Capital Beverages75 South Main Street
City Clerk’s Office41 Green Street
Concord Food Co-op24 South Main Street
CVS157 Loudon Road
CVS4 Hall Street
Hannaford Supermarket73 Fort Eddy Road
Lowe’s90 Fort Eddy Road
Market Basket15 Merchants Way
Market Basket108 Fort Eddy Road
Market Basket80 Storrs Street
Milano’s Market3 Broadway
Rite Aid Pharmacy92 South Street
Rite Aid Pharmacy165 North State Street
Rocky Ace Hardware20 Loudon Road
Shaw’s20 D’Amante Drive
Shaw’s20 Fort Eddy Road
Walgreens142 Loudon Road
Walmart344 Loudon Road

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read our frequently asked questions and answers regarding trash and recycling: