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Choose from over 15 different museums and local attractions! 

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This service is provided courtesy of the Concord Education Association and the Concord Public Library Foundation

Passes or coupons are available to Concord Public Library (CPL) cardholders. 

Please note that the following rules apply:

  • Borrower must present valid CPL adult or young adult library card for both passes and coupons. Passes are checked out on your library card; coupons are not.
  • Museum passes are subject to the rules and regulations of the museum, and generally do not include special exhibits. For information on hours, show times, exhibits, etc., please call or visit the museum website.
  • You may call 603-225-8670 or use our NEW online reservation service to check availability. Passes and coupons can be reserved up to 30 days in advance with our online reservation service.
  • Only one pass or coupon may be reserved per day, and no more than two passes or coupons may be reserved per week (7 days).
  • We kindly ask that patrons only book the NH State Park pass once per weekend so that as many community members as possible can enjoy the pass benefits.
  • Coupons can be obtained in advance (for instance, if you know you are going to the MFA 2 weeks from today, you can pick up the coupon now.)
  • Coupons are not returned to the library after being used.
  • Passes are loaned for three days and are not renewable.
  • Overdue fine for passes: $5 per day; replacement fee: $30.
  • Passes must be returned in the plastic case. They may be returned in the outside book drop.