Fire Prevention

A Word from the Fire Marshal

Welcome to the City of Concord Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau. Commonly referred to as the Fire Marshal’s Office, we provide the leadership and services to help prevent fires and assure fire and life safety for people who live, work, and visit New Hampshire’s capital city. The Fire Prevention Bureau is staffed by the fire marshal, assistant fire marshal, and an administrative assistant.

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Safeguarding the Community

The Fire Prevention Bureau enforces all applicable life safety and fire protection requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), as well as all local fire prevention codes and NH State Fire Laws and Regulations. Our goal is to safeguard the communities of Concord and Penacook from fire, life safety hazards, and environmental hazards by actively educating the public in fire prevention concepts and methods. From a young age, children are taught how to prevent fires and to survive a fire should they ever have to escape one. We actively participate in safety education to teach the public how to prevent fires by teaching and reinforcing fire safety skills from a young age.

Code Enforcement

As you look around the City of Concord, you will see new businesses and old, in the midst of building and renovation. The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for issuing fire prevention permits for the installation of fire protection / detection systems, blasting agents, place of assembly, installation of fuel / propane tanks, and many others. Prior to issuing the permits, we check building plans for fire, life safety and environmental requirements. Inspections are required throughout the process to make sure the buildings are safe to occupy, to ensure proper exits are readily available, and to make certain fire protection systems are in place and maintained. Fire Marshals test all fire protection, smoke evacuation, and fire alarm systems to ensure they are functional and meet fire code

Fire Investigation

In 2012, the Concord Fire Department responded to over 200 fires. 68 of them were building fires. The Fire Prevention Bureau responds to these fires to do the fire investigation. We collect evidence, conduct interviews with occupants and witnesses, document the scene with photographs, and determine the origin and cause of the fires. We work in cooperation with the Concord Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and the New Hampshire State Fire Marshal’s office, sometimes requesting specialized resources such as accelerant detection canines, heavy equipment, and/or additional investigators for major fires. We are skilled at testifying and presenting evidence in court and have access to a Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program. In addition, we mitigate concerns from citizens regarding fire code violations and other fire hazards.

Out in the Community

The Fire Prevention Bureau is actively involved in year round activities in Concord as well. We participate in National Night Out every fall, ensure safety before, during, and after the fireworks displays, and provide resources for safety during visits from political figures and for large entertainment events.

Every citizen can become involved in fire prevention. The results could save a home or a life. Visit our page often for year round safety tips and activities. Thank you for exploring our site.

Paul J Sirois
Fire Marshal