Utility Billing

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Report A Concern

The City of Concord has partnered with SeeClickFix to launch a new reporting system. Use our new online web portal to report a concern (water concerns, request a final bill / transfer service, pothole, missed trash collection, illegal dumping, graffiti, damaged street sign, parking concern, snow plowing, and more). Report a concern and learn more at www.concordnh.gov/seeclickfix.

New Bills, Account Numbers, & Online Portal

The City of Concord has launched a new utility billing system. The system features an updated look to utility bills, revised account numbers, and a new online customer service portal. The software upgrade provides up-to-date technology that creates a modern and customer-friendly experience. Customers already enrolled in eBilling or E-Z Pay will not have to re-enroll and will not experience a disruption in these services. Learn more about this new utility billing system below. Contact the Utility Billing Office at 603-225-8693 with any questions or concerns.

Updated Utility Bills

Utility bills now have a new format that is easier to read, is more visually appealing, and contains helpful account information such as recent consumption history. New bills have now started to reach customers or will soon. View a water bill sample of the new utility bills.

New Account Numbers

Account numbers have changed to include the first six digits of your existing account number, plus a unique customer number. Your account number is associated with the service address for your water/sewer account, while the customer number is assigned to the customer. The customer number will stay with you if you change properties within Concord, while the account number will remain with the property. This upgrade allows for enhanced account security while enabling customers to group multiple accounts for easier access and efficient maintenance. 

Citizen Self Service (CSS)

Citizen Self Service (CSS) has replaced our existing eSuite Utilities Services portal and Utility Payment System. Set up a CSS account to manage your utility account and to pay your bill online.

Find the CSS portal link below:

Similar to our previous portal, in CSS you can conveniently and securely access account information online. You can view an account summary, bill history, consumption history, account transactions, and modify your enrollment in eBilling (electronic billing with the option to go paperless). New features available with CSS include the ability to request a change of address and to pay your bill online. Our existing Utility Payment System has been discontinued as of June 21, 2022. Online utility payments will need to be made through the new CSS portal above. Please remember that a nominal convenience free will apply to all online bill payments. 

The new customer service portal provides a simplified and improved user experience, allowing for easier management of your account and will eliminate the need to use two different portals (one for payments and one for account management). Customers will be required to register for a new account and will not be able to use their existing Utilities Services portal login. You will need your new customer number and account number to create an account. Please wait for your new utility bill to arrive to find this information and to create an account.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Utility Billing Office at 603-225-8693. 

Account Services

Applying for Service

This application form is used to change service information or to transfer billing information from one owner to the next when the property is sold. A tenant customer requesting that the utility bill for the leased property be put in the tenant’s name must have the landlord sign as well, or the form will be returned. Under all circumstances the property owner remains responsible for the payment of any and all municipal utility charges for the property. If the Application for Service has not been received, General Services will use the property owner’s name and address obtained from the Real Estate Assessment Department of the City of Concord to bill for municipal utility charges.

Final Bill / Transfer Service

Request a final bill or transfer your service to a new customer using our new online web portal (see above for more information). Final meter readings can be done on Thursday free of charge. Other days will be subject to a $48.00 service fee.

View Your Account Information Online

Our eSuite Utilities Services portal has been discontinued as of June 20, 2022. Please create an account for our new portal, Citizen Self Service (CSS), to view and manage your account online. Scroll up to find more details and to access the new portal.

Water Bill Sample

View our water bill sample for important details about your bill.

Rates & Fees

View our Summary of Rates & Fees Brochure for information about rate structures and to determine how your monthly bill is calculated.

Payment Methods

Automatic Payments (E-Z Pay)

Fill out our form to enroll for automatic payments with our E-Z Pay Plan. Link up your bank account to have your bill be paid automatically. You will still receive your monthly statement to see the amount that will be debited to your account and the date of transaction, without any further action required from you. Save time and don’t worry about any more late fees with our E-Z Pay Plan!


Our existing Utility Payment System has been discontinued as of June 21, 2022. Online utility payments will need to be made through the new CSS portal above. A nominal convenience fee will apply. Please note that if you choose to pay online through your bank’s online bill pay, it is not connected to our account records and will take several days to process. If you pay both your water and property tax bills via your bank’s (or another third party vendor) online bill pay, please set up a separate vendor for water and sewer payments as the City of Concord Water Division, PO Box 9622, Manchester, New Hampshire 03108-9622.

In Person

You can bring in your bill payment to Concord General Services at 311 North State Street or to City Hall at 41 Green Street.


The phone number for water and sewer utility bill payments for the City of Concord has changed to 1-888-312-1873. This number is now active to accept bill payments by credit/debit card or by check. A nominal convenience fee will apply. Please call this number to make any future utility bill payments by phone. 


Send checks to City of Concord, PO Box 9622, Manchester, NH 03108-9622.

Water Meter Maintenance

Routine Meter Maintenance

Water Meters

Water meters and reading devices are owned by the City of Concord, but the plumbing and pipes connected to the meter are owned by the property owner. There are approximately 12,000 service customers with water meter sizes ranging from 5/8" through 8" constructed of either engineered polymer, stainless steel, or lead-free brass. All water meters feature a register and low-flow indicator that can be read by the customer as well. Meter technicians continuously test, exchange, and upgrade residential and commercial water meters and meter readers for optimum customer service and accurate utility bills. The City of Concord uses AMR (Automated Meter Reading) to automatically collect consumption and status data from water meter devices.

How To Read Your Water Meter