Police Bicycle Unit

The Concord Police started their Bike Patrol Unit in 1996 with five patrol officers. Since that time the Unit has grown to twelve officers.

Since the Unit was formed, it has undergone significant changes by way of uniform appearance, staffing, equipment and deployment. The overall functionality of the Bike Patrol Unit has been improved by restructuring the Unit to include a Unit Commander, Supply Officer, Bike Mechanic, and Certified Training Officers. They also maintain an in-depth recording of the Unit's enforcement activity.

Each Bike Officer is assigned their own bike and equipment. All Bike Officers receive specialized in-house bicycle patrol training and receive clear direction with regard to departmental and community expectations. These expectations include community policing projects and targeted enforcement objectives.

Bike Unit 2015

The Unit prides itself on its adaptability and mobility as well as its high output of community and citizen contacts. They maintain an awareness of community needs by being active advocates of community policing and bike safety. The Concord Police Bike Unit is comprised of officers who are highly motivated, tenacious, self-starters that must be willing to maintain and adhere to the high standards adopted by the Unit.

As part of its community policing objectives, the Bike Unit has been utilized for neighborhood crime prevention initiatives and for many community events such as foot races, parades and civic demonstrations.


  • 142 hours of riding time logged.
  • 55 calls for service handled.
  • 73 MV contacts.
  • 9 criminal arrests.
  • 51 civilian bikes stopped & checked.
  • 33 park & talks completed.
  • 24 safe bicycle riding gift certificates issued.
Police Officer on Bike in Woods


The Bike Unit focuses on the following objectives:

  • Motor vehicle traffic enforcement
  • Foster positive interaction with the community by making personal contact with individuals, businesses and homeowners
  • Foster positive interaction with youths and schools
  • Increase awareness in bicycle safety, education and training
  • Address safety concerns for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Address quality of life issues or hazards
  • Deter criminal activity where motorized or foot patrols are not practical

The City of Concord was granted the bronze star for being a bicycle friendly community by the League of American Bicyclists. Having law enforcement involved in the community's bicycling programs along with enforcement efforts is one of the five judgment criteria in being considered for this award. The Department looks forward to continuing this tradition.