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Irrigation Information

Installation Standards

Lawn irrigation systems must be properly installed. Systems must be underground and completely enclosed without any faucets or sillcocks that could be connected or re-connected to the property’s domestic water service. The City’s construction standards for installation of the meter setter and standards of backflow prevention devices must be followed.

Irrigation Meter

There is no charge for the installation of a residential irrigation meter. However, a monthly fee will be billed for the additional meter. If you would like an irrigation meter, please fill out an application and return it to our Water Billing Office.

Backflow Devices

View our updated list of all approved backflow devices to find which PVB or RPZ devices are acceptable for irrigation systems.

*Commercial irrigation service requires payment of a water investment fee. Please contact our office at 603-225-8693 for more information.

Use Water Wisely

Drought Conditions

Concord is experiencing drought conditions and we ask water customers to please use water wisely, especially for outdoor water use and irrigation. Find drought updates and information about how to reduce water consumption at

Smart Irrigation

Approximately 9 billion gallons of water each day are used in the United States for outdoor residential use, mainly for landscape irrigation. It is estimated that about 50% of this water is wasted from over-watering or inefficient irrigation methods. Irrigation control technologies can substantially reduce outdoor water consumption by watering plants only when they need it. Consider installing a water efficient WaterSense labeled irrigation controller to reduce water waste and possibly save money on your utility bill! Visit our for more information about efficient outdoor watering and for water saving tips. 

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