Sale of LotsFees
Columbarium, Cost / Niche-Inclusive of All Fees$2,620
Cost of Standard Grave$960
Cost of Two-Grave Cremation Lot$500

Grave Opening & Closing FeesFees
Adult Standard Grave$655
Adult Standard Grave - Saturday / Holiday / Overtime$935
Adult Cremation Grave - At cemetery Without Committal Service$183
Adult Cremation Grave - With Committal Service$265
Adult Cremation Grave - Saturday / Holiday / Overtime$380
Small Child Grave$235
Infant Grave - At Cemetery Without Committal Service$92
Infant Grave - With Committal Service$165
Infant Grave - Saturday / Holiday / Overtime$275
Infant Cremation Grave - Without Committal Service$51
Infant Cremation Grave - With Committal Service$82
Infant Cremation Grave - Saturday / Holiday / Overtime$132
Adult or Infant Cremation - Placed in Monument - Without Committal Service$183
Adult or Infant Cremation - Placed in Monument - With Committal Service$265
Welfare Burial - At Cemetery Convenience - Weekday$52

Special ServicesFees
Tent / Canopy$148
Tomb Fee$158
Removal and Returning Soil from Grave Per Request$400
Removal of Marker With Disinterment$67
Adult Full-Size disinterment$720
Adult Full Size-Disinterment and Reburial$1,450
Adult Cremation Disinterment$143
Adult Cremation Disinterment - With Marker$199
Adult Cremation Disinterment and Reburial - Without Committal Service$337
Adult Cremation Disinterment and Reburial - With Committal Service$393
Adult Cremation Disinterment and Reburial - Saturday / Holiday / Overtime$480
Infant Disinterment$51
Infant Disinterment and Reburial$92

Other Fees & ServicesFees
Flower Trust$600
Shrub Trust$600
Shrub Plantings$120
Vault Covers Lowered$56
Grave Box Covers Lowered$56
Foundation Cost Per Cubic Foot$28
Corner Posts Installation$92
Marker Installation - Regular or Government Two-Foot by One-Foot$63
Foundation Installation for Markers$63
Chapel Rental - Weekday$100
Chapel Rental - Weekend$125