Elderly & Disabled Deferral

Elderly and Disabled Tax Deferral Program (RSA 72:38-a)

Any City of Concord or Penacook property owner may apply for a tax deferral if the person:

  • Is either at least 65 years old or eligible under Title II or Title XVI of the federal Social Security Act for benefits of the disabled; and
  • Has owned the homestead for at least 5 years; and
  • Is living in the home
  • Notify the Assessor's Office of any change of address

Elderly and Disabled Tax Deferral Application (PDF)

Tax deferral may be granted for all or part of taxes due. Annual interest of 5% accrues. Total tax deferrals shall not be more than 85% of assessed value of a property.

Tax deferral may be granted if in the opinion of the assessing officials the tax liability causes the taxpayer an undue hardship or possible loss of the property.

Applications must be made by March 1st following the issuance of the final tax bill for that year. If property is subject to a mortgage, mortgage holder must approve.