Trail use during Mud Season - Hike Responsibly

As the snow and melt, you may find that the trails can get muddy. Improper use of trails can negatively impact the trails and ecology surrounding the trails. Please follow muddy-trail etiquette found by clicking here. The following trails tend to be dryer:

  • Jim Hill Riverwalk & Lehtinen Park Trail (Map 2)
  • Sewalls Falls Trails (Map 10)
  • Morono Park Trail (Map 11)
  • East Concord Heritage Trail (Locke Road - Map 20)
  • Broken Ground (Map 30)

Trail Guides
Trail maps and the Trail Guide can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. You may also purchase trail guides for $11 per guide at the Planning Division, 41 Green Street, Concord, NH 03301. If you prefer to have a guide mailed to you, please mail a check to the Planning Division for $13 (additional cost to cover mailing). Please include your name and address. The check should be made out to the City of Concord.

Trail Use and COVID-19 

The spread of COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives. Although authorities have closed schools and many businesses, most outdoor spaces remain open. As we seek solace and health in the outdoors, it is important that we also protect the health of all of our neighbors. Many trail and outdoor organizations have issued guidelines for using outdoor spaces, including:
  • Avoid high use areas when choosing to recreate. If you see a lot of cars at a trailhead, try a different trail (lots of choices in Concord, see the list below!) or go during a different time of day.
  • Make the health of everyone in our community a priority. Go outside only if you are feeling healthy and you have not had close contact with anyone who is sick.
  • If you have to drive to access outdoor spaces, do not carpool with non-household members.
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others when in a public setting, including the outdoors.
  •  Please leash your dog! They are members of your household and need social distance as well (and most standard leashes are 6 feet in length).

Trail Closure:
West End Farm Trail (Maps 26 and 28)

A portion of the West End Farm Trail has been closed by the private land owners, see updated Maps 26 and 28.

Trail Projects

  • Knowlton Woods Loop (connects to Oak Hill trails) UPDATED 9/2/20. Click here for the proposed route. The Conservation Commission approved the trail at a public hearing on July 8th. Construction will continue into Spring 2021.


Index Map.jpg

The Trail Guide Book can be printed or is available for purchase for $11 from the Planning Division, City Hall third floor.  

Mast Yard State Forest Trail
Jim Hill Riverwalk & Lehtinen Park Trail
O'Reilly-Fleetham Trail
Weir Road-Boscawen Town Forest Trail
Contoocook River Park Trail
Rolfe Park Trail
Spear's Park Trail
Riley Trail
Carter Hill Orchard Trail
10 Sewalls Falls Park Trail
11 Morono Park Trail 
Oak Hill Trail
13 Merrill Park Trail
14 SPNHF Trail
15 Batchelder Mill Road Trails
16 East Sugar Ball Road Trail

17 Turkey River - White Farm Trail
18 Upton-Morgan State Forest Interpretive Trail
19 Terrill Park Trail 
20 East Concord Heritage Trail
21 Winant Park Trail
22 Dimond Hill Farm Trail
23 Walkers Reserve Trail
24 NH Audubon Society Trail
25 Marjory Swope Park Trail
26 West End Farm Trail
27 Merrimack River Trail
28 WEFT & Carter Hill Connector and Rossview Trails
29 Russell Martin Park Trails
30 Broken Ground Trails
31 Swope Winant Connector Trail

Trail Regulations

The following uses are prohibited on City lands and trails, per City Ordinance:
  • Motorized wheeled vehicles
  • Camping
  • Fires
  • Littering (including failing to pick up after your pet)

Trail Use

The City trails are maintained by many volunteers. We appreciate your cooperation to help keep the trails in excellent shape! If you would like to help out by cleaning up trash at the trail heads, check out the City's Blue Bag program.

Please note the following guidelines to ensure that the trails remain in their natural state and open to the public:
  • Carry out what you carry in (including dog poop bags!)
  • Please stay on the marked trails.
  • Please do not disturb the plants and wildlife.
  • Please respect the private property that surrounds the trails.
  • Please follow our Trail Manners for You and Your Dog
Make sure you are properly equipped and prepared for country hiking. Some of our trails are long, rough, or steep and are not suited for novice hikers or cross-country skiers. Be sure to read the trail descriptions and view the topographic contours of the maps.