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Curbside & Containerized Recycle Collection

Concord Recycles One Bin No Bags
Curbside Recycling Collection

Curbside recycling collection is for residential properties with seven units or less within the City of Concord and Penacook, New Hampshire. Household recyclables are collected once each week by the contractor on the scheduled collection day. Recycling must be placed curbside by 7:00 am on the day of pick-up and must be placed in the recycle bin provided by Concord General Services, or in a rigid container/barrel labeled as recycling. Recycling sticker labels are available at Concord General Services if needed. The City of Concord offers the convenience of single-stream recycling. All acceptable recyclable items can be placed together into the same container; recyclables do not have to be sorted in separate bins. Recyclables should not be placed inside of plastic bags, and plastic bags should not be placed in with recyclable materials. Recycling materials should be placed freely together in a recycling bin. Plastic bags need to be kept out of the recycling stream and instead should be recycled at local retailers. Make sure items are emptied and clean, and boxes are broken down.

Containerized Recycling

Recycling dumpsters are for residents living in multi-unit facilities with eight or more units. Recycling containers are placed near the residential complexes for residents to put in household recyclable items. Containers are emptied by the contractor each week on the scheduled collection day. Recycling does not have to be sorted and are all placed into the single stream container. Please do not contain recyclables in plastic bags, but rather empty recyclables freely inside the dumpster. Plastic film, such as plastic bags, is not recyclable for single-stream recycling and should be recycled separately at local retailers. Make sure the area in front of the dumpster is kept clean and free from snow or ice in the winter to allow for safe pick up. Residents should notify their property manager if a container is missed for pick-up. 

Acceptable Recycling Materials

Only acceptable recycling materials will be collected. Proactively check recyclables and remove non-recyclable items, such as plastic bags, to avoid contaminating loads. Do not use plastic bags to hold recyclables. Recycling materials should be placed freely in a rigid bin. Acceptable recycling items include paper, metal, glass, cardboard, and plastic. Unacceptable recycling items include plastic bags, Styrofoam, mirrors, batteries, light bulbs, bubble wrap, and other items as listed in our detailed list of acceptable trash and recycling materials.

Prevent Recycling Contamination
Plastic film, such as plastic bags, is the leading source of recycling contamination and is not recyclable through curbside collection in Concord. Although plastic bags can be recycled, they require a designated collection system and specific processing equipment, and therefore cannot be included in a single stream recycling program. Plastic bags need to be kept out of the recycling stream and instead should be recycled at local retailers. Plastic bags should not be placed in with recyclable materials, and recyclables should not be placed inside of plastic bags. Single-stream recycling in Concord has made recycling quick and easy for residents without the need to sort materials. Instead, the City’s solid waste contractor, Casella Waste Systems, sorts materials at their facilities to be marketed and sold for manufacturing into new products. However, these facilities face serious challenges with contaminants, such as plastic film, clogging equipment and slowing down processing. Often times the plastic film can also get mixed in and contaminate other materials. Due to this increased contamination at sorting facilities, a lower tolerance for contaminants has been established in the industry as a whole. This is causing a decline in the recycling market because buyers only want to purchase the highest quality of raw materials, making it difficult to market. Any recycling bins that contain unacceptable items, such as plastic bags, will be rejected at the curb and will be marked with a non-compliance sticker alerting the resident of unacceptable items. Compliance to avoid contamination is necessary to maintain sustainable recycling markets and cooperation is appreciated.

Acceptable Recycling Materials

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