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Street Maintenance
The Highways and Utilities Division is responsible for maintenance and repair of the roads, sidewalks, drainage collection system, sewer collection system, and water distribution system. In the fall, crews are responsible for Fall Leaf Collection. In the winter, crews plow and treat the City streets. In the warmer months, crews focus on maintaining roads by posting spring load limits in the spring, paving, and repairing potholes and other road damages.

Report A Concern

Use our request tracker to report a request with any of the following:
  • Damaged Mailbox
  • Dead Animal in the Road
  • Drainage Issue
  • Fall Leaf Collection
  • Potholes
  • Road Requests
  • Sign Requests
  • Tree Requests
  • Winter Operations
  • Sewer Complaints

Spring Road Load Limits

Concord Spring Road Load Limit Postings

The City of Concord will begin posting "No Trucking - Load Limit 9 Tons" signs early this year starting on February 26, 2018, as warmer temperatures have already started the spring thaw. Road damage naturally occurs this time of year from the frequent thawing and freezing cycles, but heavy weight on weakened roads can cause additional harm. The City of Concord is posting load limits set to 9 tons to protect streets from any potential damage from heavy vehicles. Visit for a list of streets posted through the spring season.

Winter Operations

Our crews have been busy plowing streets and sidewalks, along with snow removal from downtown, narrow streets, and areas that obstruct line of sight for drivers. Crews rotate during storms to plow streets on a priority level basis. The Downtown Services Team also rotates crews as needed to remove snow from the sidewalks downtown. School walking routes are the highest priority for sidewalk plowing by road crews. Crews work as quickly and efficiently as possible to make their way through the city to remove snow. Parking bans are issued to allow crews to more effectively plow and treat areas overnight by prohibiting on-street parking between midnight and 7:00 a.m. Please visit our winter operations web page for more information about plowing, parking bans, and snow removal.

Downtown Services Team

With the completion of the Concord Main Street Project, the City of Concord established our Downtown Services Team to maintain and preserve these investments of Concord's Main Street revitalization. Our Downtown Services Team maintains downtown throughout the seasons to keep everything looking new and in good shape. This includes maintaining the hardscapes, street sweeping, tending to planters, maintaining irrigation systems, and performing snow removal on sidewalks and hardscapes. Special equipment is used for effective and careful snow removal operations to prevent scratching up the new hardscapes. Having this designated team and equipment for downtown will help ease operations and maintain the investments made to Main Street.

Concord Spring Road Load Limit Postings

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News Flash
Road Load Limits
Crews began posting "No Trucking - Load Limit 9 Tons" signs on designated roads on Monday, February 26, 2018. The weight restriction will impact heavy construction vehicles and commercial trucking to minimize road damage during the spring thaw. Read on...
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