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 Memorial Field Tennis Courts

In the FY18 budget City Council approved the funding to replace five of the current ten tennis courts at Memorial Field.

Work of  these courts started last fall (2017) and the project will be completed byJune 1 (2018). All ten tennis courts will be closed this fall due to the construction however 5 courts will reopen for spring of 2018. 

 Tennis Court MF 3_thumb.jpg
 Tennis Court MF 2_thumb.jpg
 Tennis Court MF 1_thumb.jpg

 The City of Concord has several other tennis courts open this fall. Merrill Park has 3 tennis courts (lighted until 10 pm), Keach Park has 1 tennis court (lighted until 10 pm), Beaver Meadow Park has 3 courts, Rollins Park has one court and Rolfe Park has two courts.