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CIP 56 Update: Rollins Park.

Last winter (2016/17) the infected trees at Rollins Park were taken down and removed due to disease. At the community meetings last fall and this spring the residents of the Rollins Park Neighborhood asked for the area to be returned to a forested park area as soon as possible.

In the FY18 CIP there is $160,000 allocated for work in this area. This will allow the following work to be completed: remove all stumps, grade area, install walking paths and replant trees. 

This spring, the Parks and Recreation Department along with the Planning Division held a community meeting at the Park. From this meeting a “park concept” was created that included the top four requests from the fall meeting: replant area, add walking trails, add an educational area and add picnic/gazebo areas. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee also approved the concept at their May meeting.

On June 29, 2017, department staff along with Planning Division staff held a community meeting at the park to review the new park concept. The residents at the meeting all agreed the concept was in line for what they wanted for the area and were extremely happy to hear the work can begin this fall.

The plan below has also been approved by City Council. We anticipate the work to begin fall of 2017 and should be completed by late spring 2018.

See attachments below:

Report to City Council - December 2016
Report to City Council - July 2017
Approved Park Design - July 2017