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Sustainable Tree Program
The Sustainable Tree Program is an initiative from Concord General Services to help Concord achieve better air quality, provide shade, increase biodiversity, and offer a beautiful aesthetic to our city. Citizens can request to get a tree from us at any time, but planting only occurs during the spring. Applicants are responsible for the cost of the tree(s), which are of nursery quality.

Sustainable Tree Program

The City must approve of applications and then place them in priority of the order they were received. The applicant will be contacted to schedule a visit for the location of the tree and to start the planning process of tree tagging, delivery and installation. 

Only two trees can be planted per property each year. Trees must be planted in the front yard, no further than 10’ from the sidewalk, and will become the property and responsibility of the applicant.

There are several plant species available. Specific species are only available at a certain time and can only be planted on specific sites. Popular ones consist of the Japanese Lilac, Red Maple “Red Sunset”, Red Maple “October Glory”, and the Spring Snow Crab Apple. Our crew must take growing space, wires, and other factors into consideration before approving planting.

Available Species:

American Elm


Red Maple (Varieties)

Amur Maackia


Sargent Cherry

Amur Maple

Honey Locust


Canada Red Cherry

Japanese Lilac

White Spruce


London Plane


Crab Apples (Varieties)

Norway Spruce

Dawn Redwood

Pear (Varieties)
*This list may vary. Ask us about our current selection.

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