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City Wide Multi-Generational
Community Center Project

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Construction of a new citywide multi-generational community center at the site of the former Dame School located at 14 Canterbury Road will began June 2017. The new center is expected to open summer 2018.

The new 31,000 square foot facility will feature the following amenities:

  • 5 multi-purpose programming rooms, one of which will be used for part-time public library services;
  • 2 rooms for exercise, dance and aerobics;
  • dedicated space for senior citizen programming;
  • a large multipurpose room featuring a stage and catering kitchen for functions and performances;
  • 8,000 square foot,multi purpose size gymnasium (2 basketball courts, pickleball courts, volleyball court and much more)
  • Locker rooms; and
  • offices for the Parks and Recreation Department.

Approximately 18,750 square feet of the existing former school building will be incorporated into the project.  The balance of the facility will be new construction.

For more information, see the March 2016 staff report to City Council, the February 8, 2016 presentation to City Council, and the City's appropriating resolution.

September 1, 2017 Update:
  • Work continues in the 1960's section, new plumbing, new electrical etc
  • The foundations for the new section of the building will be build this month

October 1, 2017 Update:
  • This month work will continue in the 1960's wing. Renovations include all new wiring, windows, fire protection, plumbing and additional insulation in walls.
  • By months end, the metal framing for new section of the building will start going up. 

October 20 Update:

Construction at the site is progressing very well.  Foundations for the project are now fully complete, thus allowing the contractor to move onto steel erection for the new portion of the facility.  Steel work will continue for several weeks.  While superstructure for the new addition is starting to take shape, work on the 1960s wing of the building continues.  Interior framing, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems are well underway.