Does the library have quiet study and group study areas?

Due to Covid-19, the quiet areas of the library are not available for patrons to use.  We’re sorry for the inconvenience! (Updated 10/16/20)

There is one area in the library where conversation is not allowed, and one room available for group study.

The Lounge: Located in the lower level of the library, this is a quiet, open area lounge where no talking is permitted. Eating is acceptable in the Lounge.

The Small Study Room: A group study room that can be signed out for 2 hours at a time, once per day. The small study room houses a typewriter and has one table which seats up to 6 people. Conversation is permitted in the small study room. Please inquire at the Service Desk if you would like to sign out the room.

There are various other seating areas throughout the library, and staff does attempt to keep the noise level to a minimum. Please speak with a staff member if you feel that someone is being too loud.

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