Is the permit fee the only fee?
No. In addition to the Permit Fee, there are several fees authorized by State Statute with the approval of the City Council. Those fees are:

Town Clerk (TC): Each registrant is charged two dollars for every vehicle registration RSA 261:152. This fee covers administrative costs of preparing an auto registration permit.

Title Application (TA): This fee covers the general administrative cost of "preparation, examination, record-keeping and filing" of a title application. The fee is $2.00 and is charged upon the initial registration of a vehicle requiring a title. This fee is authorized by State law RSA 261:261-4. Application for Certificate.

Municipal Agent (MA): This fee covers the administrative costs of completing a registration for the State Motor Vehicles. A "Municipal Agent" is a municipality that has been authorized by the Department of Safety to perform certain functions on its behalf. The fee is $3.00 and is charged on all registrations which are completed at City Hall and stamped with the Department of Safety seal, thus eliminating an additional stop at the State DMV office. The authority to charge this fee is stated in RSA 261:74-d. Additional Fees Charged by Agents.

Waste Reclamation (WR): This fee enables a resident to bring his/her motor vehicle wastes (namely, used tires, used batteries and used motor oil) to the recycling center at no charge. The money collected from this fee is placed in a reclamation trust fund specifically for the purpose of paying collection and disposal fees for the City's motor vehicle waste. The fee is charged for every registration and is based upon the type of vehicle: $3.00 for most vehicles, $2.00 for trailers, and $5.00 for heavy vehicles over 18,000 pounds. Established in Concord on February 11, 1991, per State law RSA 261:153V. Fees for Registration Permits.

Municipal transportation Improvement (MTI): A $5.00 fee per vehicle is charged and the money is set-aside in a municipal transportation improvement fund, which is used exclusively for improvement to the local and regional transportation system. This system includes "roads, bridges, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, parking and intermodal facilities and public transportation, and for operating and capital cost of public transportation." This fee was adopted on July 13, 1998 in accordance with RSA 261:153VI. Fees for Registration Permits.

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