The Budget Process
There are three parts to the budgeting process: managerial preparation, committee review, and amendments.
  • Managerial Preparation - By City Charter, the City Manager must submit a budget to the City Council no later than 45 days before the beginning of the fiscal year, or no later than May 16 each year. City Council must then adopt a budget by July 27, or the City Manager’s proposed budget is automatically adopted. (However, City Council has adopted an ordinance providing for budget adoption by the beginning of the new fiscal year on July 1.)
  • Finance Committee Review - The City Charter requires a public hearing on the budget. In preparation thereof, the City Council forms a “committee of the whole” called the Finance Committee to review the budget between introduction and adoption. The Finance Committee reports its changes to the City Manager’s proposed budget in the form of an amending resolution prior to adoption of the budget by City Council. This amending resolution identifies the differences between the City Manager’s proposed and City Council’s adopted budgets.
  • Budget Amendments - No appropriation shall be made for any purpose not included in the annual budget unless voted by two-thirds majority of the City Council after a public hearing is held to discuss said appropriation. The Council shall, by resolution, designate the source of any money so appropriated.

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