Meter Debit Card

The Concord Card

The City of Concord is now offering pre-paid parking meter debit cards that are available for purchase at the Concord Police Department located at:
35 Green St.
Concord, NH 03301

At this time the parking meter debit cards can be used in the on-street parking kiosks.

The cards are available in denominations of $20 at the Reception Desk at the Police Department from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. All cards are rechargeable.

How to Use the Concord Card in the Kiosk

  1. Insert the card into the front of the meter, following the direction of the arrow.
  2. Leave your card inserted during the entire transaction. Only remove the card after you obtain a receipt.
  3. Follow the directions to complete your transaction.
  4. Obtain a receipt. Remove the card.
  5. If using an on-street kiosk, return to your vehicle and put the receipt inside, on the dash, so that the Parking Officer will be able to read it.
  6. If using a kiosk in one of the parking garages, you do not need to display the receipt inside your vehicle. Because these spaces are numbered and you already entered your space number into the kiosk, there is no need to display your receipt. You may keep it as your receipt of payment and a reminder of which space you parked in.

The Concord Card is like money and should be treated as such. The Concord Card does not guarantee you a parking space, nor does it allow you to park longer than the maximum time allowed at a meter. The Concord Card is very durable and can withstand considerable heat, cold, and moisture. The card is unaffected by magnetic or x-ray exposure. Since normal usage should not affect your Concord Card, no refund will be issued if it becomes damaged and unusable. We will also not issue refunds for unused balances, as they do not expire.