Community Resources

Purpose of the Unit

The Community Resource Unit organizes, establishes, maintains, expands, and promotes coordinated crime prevention and community related programs within the City of Concord. This includes an on-going outreach to groups, neighborhoods, businesses, schools, and other members of the public and private sectors. Their efforts result in pro-active crime awareness and crime prevention programs while developing and strengthening a healthy rapport with the community.

The unit accomplishes their goal through educational programs for clubs, organizations, schools, churches, businesses, individuals, senior citizens, and many others with crime prevention education, school resource programs, and interactive community-police initiatives.

The Community Resource Unit provides this broad base of services to Concord's citizenry and businesses while adhering to a community based policing philosophy.


  • The unit strives to provide education and information to the business, educational, and residential communities in Concord, with the aim of reducing opportunities for crime and educating the public.
  • To equip our youth with the educational and life skills necessary to resist peer pressure and to make responsible decisions in their daily lives.
  • To strengthen ties, understanding, and the relationship between the Police Department and the community as a whole.