Get a Library Card

The most important card in your wallet - free for Concord and Penacook residents, property owners and teachers.


You can apply at the Service Desk or at the Children's Desk for a library card. You can also print and fill out a paper application ahead of time and bring it to the Service Desk with the required documents that are listed on each application.


The fees for non-resident cards are below.

  • Full year membership: $100
  • Six-month membership: $55
  • Senior citizen (65 and up) membership for a full year: $85
  • Senior citizen membership for six months: $45

Change of information

If any of your information (email address, phone number, etc.) changes while you have a CPL card, please update your information with the Service Desk. If your physical address changes, please bring in a piece of mail from your new address in order to update your card.

Save your library card barcode to your phone

If you prefer not to have multiple cards in your wallet, you can save an image of your library card barcode on your phone. A black and white photo of the card’s barcode will function to check things out.

Alternatively, apps are available in the various app stores for free that will save card barcodes for you. Please check out your app store for more details.


Contact the Service Desk at 603-225-8670.