A Word from the Deputy Fire Chief

Since 1818, the Concord Fire Department has been providing an expanding range of services to the communities of Concord and Penacook. We were the first agency in New England to provide 24-hour advanced life support emergency medical response and are proud to be considered one of the most progressive fire departments in New Hampshire. We are committed to the preservation of life, property, and the environment by effectively and efficiently meeting the emerging public safety needs of our diverse community. We maintain the highest standards of professional service through continuous training, education, and quality assurance.

Concord Fire Department

Coverage and Staffing

The City of Concord Fire Department protects a population of over 45,000 in a 64.2 square mile area. Our staff of 99 full-time includes a Chief, 2 Deputy Fire Chiefs, EMS Captain, Training/Safety Captain, Fire Marshal, Assistant Fire Marshall, Communications Captain, Fire Alarm and Traffic Superintendent, EMS Lieutenant, 8 Dispatchers, 4 Battalion Chiefs, 4 Captains, 12 Lieutenants, 16 Firefighter/Paramedics, and 48 Firefighter/EMTs. Operations personnel work out of four strategically placed fire stations throughout the City, which are staffed around the clock.

Call Volume

Serving the New Hampshire state capital, the Concord Fire Department is responsible for protecting the State Capitol Building and Legislative Offices as well as many other state facilities throughout the city, including the State Emergency Operations Center and the New Hampshire Department of Homeland Security. We provide a full range of emergency response services for residential, commercial, manufacturing, wild-land areas, and our waterways. The Concord Fire Department responds to approximately 9,000 calls per year for a wide variety of service and other emergency calls. Our crews also respond to mutual aid to 23 surrounding communities throughout the year.

Our People

It is our goal to stay in tune with our community’s evolving needs and provide professional, skilled emergency response to our citizens and the visitors to our city. Thank you for visiting our website. I welcome you to explore our site to learn more about our department and the work our men and women do to protect the capital city as they strive to make a difference in the lives of the people whom they serve. They are highly trained and prepared to respond quickly, competently, and with compassion.