Automobile & Boat Registrations

NEW! Motor Vehicle Renewal System (December 2023)

We have implemented a new, convenient online billing and payment system for residents to access and pay their motor vehicle registration renewals. Through this system, residents can review and print invoices, pay electronically, or schedule a date for the invoice to be paid. There is a customer portal available at Emails have started going out to residents from InvoiceCloud with renewal reminders. Please contact Collections with any questions.

New Motor Vehicle Renewal System

Automobile Registration Process Summary

The registration process has two steps:

  • The first fee is paid to one’s place of residence or where the vehicle is housed.
    Concord, or Penacook, NH residents pay this fee to the City of Concord.
  • The second fee is paid to the
    State of New Hampshire – Department of Safety – Division of Motor Vehicle

The City of Concord is now a Municipal Agent of the State of NH, which means you can now do most transactions completely at City Hall, with one check, saving a trip to the DMV. There is a $3.00 agent fee, per registration, for these transactions.

In our frequently asked questions, we have attempted to answer the most commonly asked questions and explain the many facets of the process of automobile registration. This information is designed to help citizens better understand their relationship with city government and the services it provides. The information is not intended to be complete or specific to all individual circumstances. Please navigate our frequently asked questions and if you still have a question, please contact us.

Automobile Registration/E-Reg

Boat Registrations

The City of Concord can process boat registrations effective April 1, 2021

New boat registrations and renewals can be processed in the Collections Office at 41 Green Street during regular business hours for residents and non-residents.

Please do not mail boat renewals to the City Post Office Box.