Engineering Permits & Fees

Permit Applications

Contractors interested in obtaining Engineering Permits should apply as soon as possible and applications must be submitted in accordance with the City’s Permit Regulations. Permit applications and the regulations are available on the Engineering page of the City’s website located below.  Permit applications must be received a minimum of four days prior to the proposed excavation. Once issued and approved, the permit term is valid for thirty days and the permit must be renewed before the end of the term, if the work is not complete within the 30 days. We ask that you submit your application and fee by mail or in a sealed envelope marked “Attention City Engineering Office” by placing it in the drop box in the main entrance of City Hall.  If the permit application includes large plans, use the table drop off at the Code Office at 37 Green Street. It is also strongly encouraged that you email a scanned copy of the application to

Permit Applications are to be printed and submitted with other required documents to the City of Concord Engineering Services Division at 41 Green Street, Concord NH 03301 (City Hall, third floor). A complete application must be submitted. Incomplete applications will be denied. Complete application includes:

  • All information requested on the forms
  • Submission of plans, if necessary
  • Original signatures
  • Financial guarantee, if necessary
  • Certificate of insurance, if necessary
  • Application fees
Permit Type
& Application
Additional Information
Driveway (PDF)
Permits for new drives may also be applied for at time of building permit applications with the Code and Building Services Division (City Hall Annex).
$75 - $225
Encumbrance (PDF)
Additional fees will be charged by the Concord Police Department for the encumbrance of metered or time restricted parking spaces. Please contact the Concord Police Department Parking Enforcement Office at 603-225-8640 for details.
Monitoring Wells (PDF)
View or download the permit regulations (PDF).
Street Excavation (PDF)
View or download the permit regulations (PDF).
Utility Connection (PDF)
No additional information is necessary.

Permit applications become finalized permits only upon receipt of an authorizing city signature and assignment of a permit number.

Utility & Site Inspection

The Engineering Services Division (ESD) is charged with the construction inspection of all privately and publicly funded public improvements. ESD responsibilities include:

  • Inspecting and approving all new or reconstructed public improvements and utility mains (i.e., streets, roadways, sidewalks, curbing, bridges, water, sanitary sewer and storm drains)
  • Inspecting and approving all new or reconstructed service connections to these public utilities
  • Assisting the Community Planning Division on the inspection of private site improvements as required by the City Planning Board

The ESD inspects the construction of these service connections, public improvements, and site improvements for compliance with city and state standards and regulations to help safeguard public health and safety and to ensure that a quality long lasting product is obtained.


The required inspection fee or inspection fee deposit must be provided to the Engineering Services Division prior to the start of any proposed construction of water and sewer utility mains, water and sewer service connections, or public improvement construction. The Engineering Services Division may be contacted to provide an estimate of the required inspection fee deposit. City inspection services are charged against this deposit; additional funds may be requested or the remaining balance refunded upon successful project completion. Other permit fees may apply.

Inspection Type
Stand Alone Residential Water, Sanitary Sewer, Foundation Drain Connection (per service)
Regular time hourly inspection rate per service (Effective 7/1/2020)
$ 85.00
Overtime hourly inspection rate per service (Effective 7/1/2019)

Please note: The General Services Department also assess a "Water and/or Sewer Investment Fee" for new service connections to the city’s water and sewer utility system, as established by City Ordinance. Please contact the Utility Billing Office of the General Services Division for further information and to arrange payment of the required Investment Fee.