The Assessing Department is responsible for discovering, listing, and valuing all property in the City of Concord. The citizens of Concord receive equitable and fair assessments each year. All responsibilities and functions of the assessing office are based upon the fair administration of the New Hampshire constitution and statutes governing property assessments. Assessments are made following internationally accepted mass appraisal practices. The assessing staff strives to be fiscally responsible and sensitive to the public’s needs.

To view property information try our ASSESSING ON-LINE DATABASE

2019-2021 Market Value Changes as shown by Re-Sale Properties

Since 2019, the housing market in Concord continues to be very active with substantial appreciation. More information on the effect of the current market on the assessments in the City can be seen by observing properties that have sold and re-sold between 2019 and 2021; the City of Concord Assessing Office has prepared a presentation highlighting the changes in sale prices.  If you would like more information about understanding your tax bills or the assessing process in general, please see “Explanation of Property Tax Bill” and “Assessing Presentation” under quick links.