The Assessing Department is responsible for discovering, listing, and valuing all property in the City of Concord. The citizens of Concord receive equitable and fair assessments each year. All responsibilities and functions of the assessing office are based upon the fair administration of the New Hampshire constitution and statutes governing property assessments. Assessments are made following internationally accepted mass appraisal practices. The assessing staff strives to be fiscally responsible and sensitive to the public’s needs.

To view property information try our ASSESSING ON-LINE DATABASE. By vote of the City Council, users are now required to register in order to access the On-Line Database. Please keep this log-in and password information recorded as it will be required each time that you log in.

Solar Energy Systems Exemption Applications are due April 15, 2021 for the 2021 Tax Year.

Kathryn Temchack, The Director of Real Estate Assessments, recently presented on the assessing and taxation process, if you were unable to attend, ConcordTV was able to record it and you can watch it here.

Annual List for Tax Exempt Properties

Every religious, educational and charitable organization who wish to claim property tax exemption shall annually, on or before April 15, file form A-9 "List of Real Estate and Personal Property on which Exemption is Claimed (PDF)" with the assessors of the place where such real estate and personal property are taxable. Failure to file an application may result in denial of the property exemption.

Every charitable organization must also annually file an A-12 Charitable Organization Financial Statement (PDF) (statement of financial condition) with the assessors before June 1st.