Licensing Services

The Licensing Services Division licenses special events such as races, farmers markets, fairs and holiday parades as well as respond to community concerns.

Banner Program

The City permits the posting of aerial banners across Main and Loudon Road as well as posting banners on selected Main Street Lamp posts for the purpose of promoting and notifying citizens of community-based cultural, education and civic events, including City sponsored and co-sponsored events or providing information concerning available services or programs sponsored by the City.  The links below will provide you with information and applications for both our Cross-Street Banner program as well as our Lamp-Post Banner Program.

Specifications for Cross Street Banner ProgramApplication for Cross Street Banner Program
Specifications for Lamp Post Banner ProgramApplication for Lamp Post Banner Program

Sidewalk Regulations

In an effort to ensure that the street remains uncluttered, clean, accessible and vibrant for all, the Concord Planning Board and City Council collaborated to implement a set of sidewalk regulations.  These regulations were adopted under Ordinance No. 3017 on August 13, 2018 have been in effect since January 1, 2019

You may learn more by accessing the regulations and the application below:

Business Use of Public Property Encumbrance Regulations

Sidewalk Zones Diagram

Business Use of Public Property Application