Where is the route?

Where is the route through Concord?

See maps (source City of Concord Northern Pass Viewshed Analysis, Chesapeake Conservancy, 11/10/16)

Areas of Increased Visibility (PDF)

Increased Visibility from Conservation Lands (PDF)

Visibility from Downtown Concord (PDF)

The route of Northern Pass is proposed to follow an existing utility transmission line right-of-way which enters the City of Concord near Brookwood Drive and Fox Run (off Interstate Highway 93, Exit 17).

The proposed Northern Pass transmission line will then cross the intersection of Mountain Road/Route 132 and Hoit Road before it travels along the easterly side of Mountain Road, where structures are proposed to reach heights of 105 feet and 120 feet.

The route then will pass by Sanborn Road through the City owned Spears Park Conservation Area, then along Snow Pond Road, Shaker Road and Oak Hill Road, where Northern Pass intends to place a 120-foot-tall structure for the lines to cross Oak Hill Road.

The route then runs through Turtle Pond before crossing Appleton Street, where structures are proposed to reach heights of 105 and 110 feet. The route will then cross Curtisville Road before entering the City of Concord’s conservation area known as Whispering Heights/Broken Ground.

At Portsmouth Street, the route will then cross over Interstate 393 where Northern Pass is now considering using 165 foot tall structures (the tallest structures along the entire 192 mile route).

Northern Pass will then travel behind Alton Woods apartments before crossing Loudon Road, where Northern Pass is proposing to use structures that are 125 feet tall. The proposed route then travels McKenna’s Purchase condominium development near Branch Londonderry Turnpike before crossing Pembroke Street, where multiple structures will be 110 feet.

The project then travels along Industrial Park Drive, Regional Drive and Chenell Drive before crossing the Soucook river and entering the Town of Pembroke.