Library of Things

Welcome to the CPL's Library of Things...

Try a musical instrument, borrow a helpful tool or gadget, find a new hobby or past-time! 

The Library of Things is designed to help you save money by allowing you to borrow an item to try before you decide whether to buy it. 

View the different items in the collection in the list(s) below, or by browsing this online version of our Library of Things binder.

Lending rules include:

  • Patrons must be 18 years or older to borrow items
  • A borrower's agreement form must be completed
  • All items may be borrowed for 1 week (1 renewal)
  • A maximum of 2 items may be borrowed at the same time
  • Items must be returned to a staff member inside the library (not in the library's book drops)
  1. Instruments
  2. Tools & Gadgets
  3. Games & Rec
  4. Media Preservation