Facility Tours

Schedule a tour to learn more about Concord's drinking water and/or wastewater treatment process. Tours are typically scheduled during the week between the hours of 8:00 am and 2:00 pm. and can be customized for individuals or groups. 

Water Treatment Facility Tour

Water Treatment Plant

Get an overview of how Concord's drinking water is processed from Penacook Lake and distributed to your tap. Learn about the history of the lake and Concord's drinking water. Visit concordnh.gov/water for an overview of information. 

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Wastewater Treatment Facility Tour

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Get an overview of how wastewater is received from the sanitary sewer system and properly treated before being safely recovered back into the Merrimack River. Be advised that odor emissions have reduced significantly over the years through past facility improvements, but some odors are still present due to the natural treatment process. Visit concordnh.gov/wastewater for an overview of information.

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