Gelinas Excavation & Earth Materials Recycling Center


The Gelinas Excavation and Earth Materials Recycling Center is owned by the City of Concord, but managed and maintained by Gelinas Excavation. It has formally been called Fort Eddy Road Reprocessing, but has since been renamed to inform the public that Gelinas Excavation maintains the facility. It is available for Concord residents or Concord commercial establishments. Proof of residency is required for access. Any and all prices are subject to change without notice.

Contact Numbers

Recycling Center: (603) 545-4835
Gelinas Excavation: (603) 753-4379


Hours are weather permitting and are subject to change. Please call Gelinas Excavation and Earth Materials Recycling Center to confirm times.

Days: Monday - Friday
Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

***Please call ahead to confirm specific drop-off times during the coronavirus pandemic at (603) 545-4835. or visit their website for more information. 

Location & Directions

Located at 10 Intervale Road (off of Fort Eddy Road) in Concord, New Hampshire behind C.A.V.E.S. (Capital Area Veterinary Emergency Service).

Load Regulations

Loads must be 100% free of any unacceptable materials. Any unacceptable materials dumped will be retrieved by the person who dumped it. Illegal dumping will be subject to fines and penalties. Residents will be required to empty contents of bags when disposing of yard waste. Gelinas Excavation reserves the right to reject any load.

Free Leaf Drop-Off

Concord and Penacook residents can drop off grass clippings and leaves without a charge if it is smaller than a non-commercial pick-up size with a license as proof of residency. This is for residential customers only. Any commercial vehicles, non-residents, other material, or larger loads will be charged. You will be asked to empty the bag or container you drop-off with to be sure that there are no restricted items in your drop-off. Residents do not have to purchase biodegradable yard waste bags for drop-off, containers can be used; whatever container used to hold grass clippings and leaves will need to be taken back with you. 

Drop-Off Fees

ItemPick Up Truck / Car Per Load1 Ton Truck Per Load6 Wheel Dump Per Load10 Wheel Dump Per Load
Grass & Leaves$5.00$20.00$45.00$65.00
Asphalt & Sand Fill$5.00$15.00$40.00$75.00
Clean Concrete Block$25.00$35.00$60.00$100.00
Concrete w/ Wire$100$150$400$550

*Rates are subject to change. Please call Gelinas to confirm. 

Materials Available For Purchase

ItemPrice Per Cubic Yard
Sand Fill$6.00
Wood Chips$10.00
1 1/2" Reclaimed Asphalt$10.00
Screened Loam$17.00
Screened Compost$22.00
Stone Dust$21.00
Red/Brown Bark Mulch$35.00
Black Bark Mulch$37.00
GranitePer Piece
Blocks, Bricks, PaversPer Piece
Sand / SaltCall For Pricing

*Rates are subject to change. Please call Gelinas to confirm. Materials purchased are not guaranteed to be free of debris since they are recycled earth materials.