Planning Documents & Fees

Master Plans

Zoning Ordinance

Subdivision Regulations (PDF)

Site Plan Regulations (PDF)

Application & Abutter Fee Schedule (PDF)

Public Facilities Capital Impact Fee Ordinance (Impact fees not applicable to non-residential construction) 

ApplicationsApplication Requirements
Site Plan Application (PDF)Major Site Plan Checklist (PDF)
Minor Site Plan Checklist (PDF)
Site Plan Regulations (PDF)
Zoning Ordinance (Title IV, Article 28)

Subdivision Application (PDF)Major Subdivision Checklist (PDF)
Minor Subdivision Checklist (PDF)
Subdivision Regulations (PDF)
Zoning Ordinance (Title IV, Article 28)

Architectural Design Review (ADR) Application (PDF)
ADR Checklist (PDF)
ADR Checklist for Signs & Awnings (PDF)
ADR Checklist for Building & Façade Renovations (PDF)
ADR Guidelines (PDF)
Site Plan Regulations (PDF)
Zoning Ordinance (Title IV, Article 28)

Conditional Use Permit Application (PDF)Zoning Ordinance (Title IV, Article 28)

Conditional Use Permit Checklist (PDF)

Conditional Use Permit Application - Telecommunications Equipment (PDF)
Zoning Ordinance (Title IV, Article 28)

Voluntary Merger Application (PDF)Subdivision Regulations (PDF)

Meeting Schedules
Architectural Design Review Committee 2018
Architectural Design Review Committee 2019
Conservation Commission 2018 
Conservation Commission 2019
Heritage Commission 2018 
Heritage Commission 2019
Planning Board 2018 
Planning Board 2019
Project Review Committee 2018
Project Review Committee 2019
Trails Committee 2018 
Trails Committee 2019

Sample Easements & Special Review Documents
Agreement to Convey an Easement - Sample (PDF)
Drainage Easement - Sample (PDF)
Forestry and Agricultural Model 1 - Sample Conservation Easement (PDF)
Forestry and Agricultural Model 2 - Sample Conservation Easement (PDF)
Right of Way Easement - Sample (PDF)
Riparian Model - Sample Conservation Easement (PDF)
Sanitary Easement - Sample (PDF)
Slope Easement - Sample (PDF)
Utility Easement - Sample (PDF)
Letter of Credit - Sample (PDF)
Special Investigative Studies & Review Procedures (Traffic / Water) - Sample (PDF)
Environmental Impact for Development Application (PDF)